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Five Gifts to Give Yourself

Five Gifts to Give Yourself

We’ve put together a list of five gifts to give yourself to put a new spring in your step.

Wearing certain items can actually help us feel happier. The psychology of clothing has been the subject of many studies. All conclude that clothing can change how you feel. Research shows what we wear affects the choices we make, our piece of mind, even our productivity.   

Looking good and feeling good inspires us to go for our dreams. And this May, to help you capture them, Amoena is gifting a For you, like no other journal with the purchase of any Amoena item (while quantities last).

Top 5 Items to Support Well-being – Body and Spirit.

A pretty bra: Research confirms a beautiful bra makes us feel special and confident. That’s because wearing a pretty bra sends a message to our brains that we’re worth it. And that changes how we act.

The Amoena Spring/Summer bra collection is amazing. The bras are gorgeous, yet still so comfortable and supportive that you can wear them as your everyday bras. That means you can enjoy a secret boost of boldness and confidence daily!

Want to feel the difference a pretty bra makes? Try on the new lacey Melody (underwire or soft). It’s unbelievably flattering, strong and functional. Inspired by old-Hollywood, it’s made to make you feel like a star.

A floral Valletta top: Did you know brain science shows flowers improve our mood, even just pictures of them? For the first time, Amoena’s hugely popular Valletta tank top is available in vanilla with a floral print. This is the ultimate feel-good top you’ll wear everywhere, to work, to workout, to shop, to travel. Every wardrobe needs one.

Luxury PJs: Throw off the cares of the day and pamper yourself with super soft nightwear. Upgrade from your old t-shirt with Amoena’s lovely T-shirt nightdress. With built-in bra (of course), you can feel confident wearing it around family and friends.

A new sports bra: The right workout wear is proven to motivate you to want to work out. Tell us how you want to get moving this spring, and we’ll fit you with the new Amoena sports bra that’s designed to make you feel strong and ready to take on the world.  

A swimsuit: Water therapy is fantastic. So let us fit you with a swimsuit made with high-tech fabrics and cleverly tailored to flatter. The days of dreading bathing suit season are over!

All Amoena items are pocketed, and all active wear, swimwear and loungewear also have a built-in shelf bra. If you wear breast forms or balancers, every item assures complete discretion and security.