• Blue Sky La Gaunche - Summer Spice
  • Blue Sky La Gaunche - Summer Spice
Blue Sky

Blue Sky La Gaunche - Summer Spice

  • The true test of underwear is to forget you're wearing it. Our classic brief is a consistently comfortable fit: the wide fabric waistband extends smoothly to the high hip, and a generous double-layered gusset gives coverage where we need it.
  • In addition to softness and ease of wear - no panty lines! La Gaunche is shaped to be lightly horizontal, tucking snugly under the buttocks. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Pair with - everything.
  • Fabric - 95% bamboo, 5% Lycra
  • Fitting guide: our bamboo fabric has generous stretch and silkiness, so if you like a natural, firm fit, we suggest you go down one size if you usually fit   M-L-XL-1X, or two sizes if you usually fit 2X-3X-4X. Printed fabrics fit slightly tighter than solid colours.