• Lise Charmel Charming UW Guipure Lace Bra Nude
Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel Charming UW Guipure Lace Bra Nude

Flexible underwire bra, three-piece nesting cups.
Exceptional maintenance.
Wear natural and comfortable.
Guipure lace and basque embroidered.
(Guipure lace can also be known as Venetian Lace and is one of the most elegant of all lace qualities. The lace is made up of a continuous motif, which creates a denser, more raised pattern than other qualities, and often contains a floral or geometric design. The motif is made by a series of closely packed embroidery stitches onto a fine fabric that disintegrates in the finishing process. This means that the “backing” fabric cannot be seen in the finished article as with our other types of lace.)
Back in satin mesh.
Satin straps.
Swarovski pendant.