• Marlies Dekkers 12cm Short
  • Marlies Dekkers 12cm Short
Marlies Dekkers

Marlies Dekkers 12cm Short

These Brazilian shorts have sides measuring 12 cm covering most of the hip and groin. The belly and lower part of your buttocks remain exposed. Choose these bottoms to get yourself an oh so sexy pair of shorts. Marlies ~ My Manjira collection is designed for women singing their own song. The music of Indian poet-princess Mirabai inspired me. This provocative princess rejected a faith laid out for her by others and chose to follow her inner voice: to pursue the life of a musical artist. Mirabai’s songs are characterized by serenity, sensuality and the entrancing sound of her manjira: a set of tinkling hand cymbals that never cease to mesmerize me. This collection immerses your body into the depths of your own soul. I chose a sultry, pale brown fabric with a subtle sparkle and translated Mirabai’s manjira into beautifully silver-coloured details adorning your bottom and décolleté. Wear my Manjira to set yourself free.