• Marlies Dekkers  Key Push Up Bra
Marlies Dekkers

Marlies Dekkers Key Push Up Bra

This push up bra puts your breasts in the spotlights. Moulded cup gives you extra support. Small cushions and closely fitted wires give you a dazzlingly deep cleavage. Choose this shape for a very sexy décolleté.

Marlies ~ Unleash your hidden powers with my Black Key collection! I was inspired by Pandora who did the most formidable thing: she dared to defy the gods. When Pandora, who was the first mortal woman on earth, opened the box she was told ‘never to open’, she unleashed all things deeply buried, both good and evil. Like Eve, she created life; truthful life. Be like Pandora, and become the master of your destiny! Only you hold the key to your hidden desires… This collection celebrates Pandora’s curiousity and courage. Decorate your décolleté with a precious jewel: your personal Black Key!