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About Us

About Us

About Us

Victoria’s Attic Support The Girls Annual Fashion Show began in 2018. Owner Alison Gustafson had been operating Victoria’s Attic for over 30 years, and in that time she developed close relationships with all sorts of local women - each with their own story.

A large portion of her clientele were Breast Cancer patients and survivors, and she learned of their unique struggles and needs for support.

Alison’s clients noted a gap in the care system - while Breast Cancer affects a person’s whole life, there is a lack of support outside of the medical setting.

Support The Girls aims to fill that gap, by raising funds to help create services that meet the psychological and social needs for those living with breast cancer, their caregivers, and their kids.

Our goal is to help breast cancer patients not only survive, but LIVE a full life while battling the disease.

So far, we have donated a total of $106,000 to the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital, which is being used for the following:

$15,000- Size Inclusive Bamboo Robes

These super soft bamboo robes are to be used exclusively for patients undergoing mammograms or biopsies

$16,000- Support Kit Program

This program gifts bags full of helpful wellness products and essentials to make life easier both during and after treatment or surgery.

$40,000- Mammogram and Biopsy Waiting Rooms

Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment is stressful enough on it’s own - that’s why these funds are designated for the renovation of two waiting rooms for mammogram and biopsy

The warm and comforting spa-like atmosphere will be much easier on patients than the sterile clinical environment of a typical hospital waiting room.

Remaining Funds - To be Used As Needed

We’ve also donated $50,000 to the Maskwa Medical Clinic, to help this new local organization set up their facility and get started. They will be able to treat a variety of complex healthcare cases that cannot currently be treated in our region.