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Compression wear, drain & lymphedema management, pocketed wear, breast prosthetics, & more
At Victoria's Attic, we offer brands that bring you comfort, quality, longetivity, and most importantly, confidence.
  • "The lady's at this boutique know their stuff. They made me feel very comfortable. They talked to me, asked questions, and made sure the Bra's fit properly. I bought 2 Bra's and wore one out of the store. The store also has a great upstairs of wonderful clothing to go with the new Bra's that you will buy. Thank you"

    Tracy Dale

  • "Absolutely fantastic service from everyone there! Very friendly, professional and a really great atmosphere in the store. So many cute things to choose from, I think there really is something for everyone! Thank you ladies for helping this mama finally get a properly fitting bra!!! ♡"

    Krista Fougere

  • "Very friendly, professional staff who know the stores products inside & out. Will take the time to find your correct size, fit, style, and colour by trying on many brands and styles until you've found the one. Many colours, styles and fabrics to choose from! Inventory does have changes at least every season so there is always something new to discover."

    Jennifer Lynn

  • "Outstanding customer service! Lots of options to choose from and they make sure you have the perfect fit! I loved my experience and will definitely being buying all my bras here in the future!"

    Clarissa Ying



Bra’s should be washed every two days ~ yes that is correct ~ if you wear it twice, wash it.  The reason you should wash your bra this frequently is that the oil in our body breaks down the elasticity and fibres in the fabric quickly.   If the fabric breaks down it can’t give us the support we require for great breast health.

Not only does washing our bra frequently keep us supported it also prolongs the life of your bra.  When we invest in a bra, we want to ensure we give it a longer life ~ by washing it. 

When we wash our bras, we HAND WASH them in a fine fabric wash (WE PERSONALLY LOVE EUCALAN) and lay them flat or hang them to dry. 

Be careful when washing formed or molded cups as you want to lay them out nicely and make sure they have the nice shape when you purchased them.  You may have to gently pull the fabric  to get any wrinkles or dent out.  Once it dries they should nicely form to our breasts again.

Bras should never be folded in and half and one cup pushed inside the other.  Doing this may cause your bra to lose its shape and then won’t give you the nice smooth “formed” look you want in that particular bra.  It also may cause “dents” or “creases” in your bra, which may be noticeable under some tops.

If you put your bras in a drawer, lay one on top of the other.  It is also a good idea to do the bras up as the hooks may snag your other bras.

There is no determined length of time that a bra should last.  

Regular washing and delicately handling them will definitely prolong the life, but we make no guarantees in longevity. 

A woman with a larger bust will likely have to purchase bras more frequently as her bra is supporting much more than a tiny breasted women. In addition the life of a bra will last longer for a woman who has multiple bras in her wardrobe. 

Our bras are made with the highest quality fabrics and offer optimum support, however the life of your bra is ultimately determined by you.

There are several things to take into consideration when fitting your bra that will affect your breast size.  Some women have larger breasts during a different time in their monthly cycle, it could be upto a cup size different.  If you have had a weight gain or loss, this will affect the size of your breasts.  If you are one of the women whose breast size increases with her monthly cycle it is important for your comfort to have two different sizes of bras to ensure support and comfort. 

Tightening up your straps and band daily are important to ensure that your bra is snug all day.  If your bra straps are falling of your shoulder or your band is riding up your back, they need to be tightened up.  Your bra should be snug so that it doesn’t move on your body.