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Erin Lafond: Empowering Community Impact

Erin Lafond: Empowering Community Impact

“Your world will be as beautiful as you make it. You plant a garden, weed it, water it, check the soil, protect it from hail and then reap this incredible harvest. The same is true with life. You get out of it what you put into it. So plant the good stuff and take care of what is around you.”

Erin is a Grande Prairie resident and long-term member of the Peace Region. She is known for consistently and generously contributing her time and resources to Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue and other organizations. This unwavering commitment extends to volunteering wherever assistance is required, be it at local fundraisers or fulfilling the personal needs of others. Without expecting anything in return, Erin embodies the essence of a compassionate and giving heart.

Born in Dawson Creek and deeply rooted in the community, she shares her journey of making a difference and inspiring others to do the same.


Her journey began with strong role models—her parents, significant leaders in Dawson Creek. They instilled in her the values of leaving things better than she found them and making a positive impact on people, the environment, and situations. Her parents' teachings became a way of life, a philosophy that became the driving force behind her desire to contribute positively to her community.

One of Erin's most memorable experiences was a college project that evolved into a large fundraiser. Despite initial uncertainty, her determination and collaboration with others led to a significant donation to the local food bank. This experience fueled her confidence, proving that even the most intimidating challenges could be achieved and result in meaningful change.

Erin's impact goes beyond grand events. She emphasizes the importance of small, everyday actions that anyone can take to brighten someone else's day. By demonstrating that even a little involvement can make a big impact, she has inspired others to believe in the power of their contributions:

“You can do it and they will be grateful! We have a number of phenomenal groups in town that can always use help in some way. Find one that interests you and call them. Everyone has something wonderful to offer, even if they don’t know it yet. Start small and just get out there.”

Currently, Erin's commitment extends to projects like Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue and active involvement in schools, explaining the importance of being involved in the environments that our children spend a large majority of their time in. 

Erin has personally given Victoria's Attic a helping hand on multiple occasions, most recently, being a huge help in the decor for our 30th Anniversary Celebration!

Reflecting on her journey, she stated: “I fill my own cup. Which sounds interesting, but if you help others, you find your sense of purpose. I feel like I accomplish things. I feel proud of what I’ve done. It brings me amazing memories and sets a good example for my daughters. I meet incredible people and they have profoundly impacted my life. I love being able to think that I’ve helped or made a positive change for someone. It’s not altruistic. I sincerely love how it feels.”

The key quality she believes a woman needs to make an impact is the desire to be the change. With this desire, she asserts, a woman can find the strength, talent, and wisdom needed to make a difference—all she requires is the courage to begin.

Inspiration and Legacy:

When asked about a woman who inspires her, she fondly remembers her mother. Kindness personified, her mother's active involvement in charity groups and willingness to lend a helping hand left an indelible mark. The legacy she wishes to leave for future generations echoes the sentiment of cultivating a beautiful world through positive actions and care for one's surroundings.


As part of the '30 Women for 30 Years' campaign, she imparts a powerful message to future generations: "Your world will be as beautiful as you make it." By encouraging others to plant seeds of goodness and actively care for their surroundings, she leaves behind a legacy of positivity and a blueprint for creating a better world—one small act of kindness at a time.



Thank you Erin for inspiring generosity and kindness in our community. Your positive impact will continue to grow & be remembered. 


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