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Your Journey To Breast Comfort Starts Here

Discover why "One Size Fits All" doesn't apply to us.

We Specialize In Personalized Fittings Because Every Woman Is Unique

From stunning underwear to loungewear, every product at Victoria's Attic is curated with a single mission - to make you feel beautiful, inside and out. 

Dive into our extensive collections and find pieces that resonate with your spirit and style.

The Perfect Fit Process


Let's get to know each other. We listen to your specific needs—most women come to us simply seeking comfort.


We take precise measurements while you're in your best-fitting bra to find your true size.

Finding The Fit

We take precise measurements while you're in your best-fitting bra to find your true size.

Testing The Fit

This is where the magic happens. We assess each bra's fit through a series of positions and movements to ensure unparalleled comfort and support.


We offer you a range of bras that meet your specific needs.

Why The Right Fit Matters

Why The Right Fit Matters

Breast Health

Ill-fitting bras can obstruct lymph nodes, affecting their ability to flush toxins from your body.


The wrong bra can lead to slouching, resulting in back and neck pain over time.


A well-fitted bra not only makes your clothes look better, but it also enhances your natural silhouette, making you feel confident and beautiful.


You’ll Feel The Difference

When you leave our store with the right bra, you'll stand taller, 
feel more comfortable, and exude confidence. 

Many of our clients say they feel like they've lost weight 
or look slimmer, all thanks to a perfectly fitted bra.

Frequently Asked Mastectomy Questions

Are fittings private and discreet?

Absolutely. Your comfort and privacy are our top priorities.

Can I wear these bras for physical activities?

Yes, our bras are designed for comfort and functionality, suitable for all activities.

What if the bra doesn't fit or I don't like it?

Customer satisfaction is vital to us. Refer to our return and exchange policy or contact customer service for assistance.