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Introducing Bethe Goldie: Promoting Connection and Wellness in the Peace Region

Introducing Bethe Goldie: Promoting Connection and Wellness in the Peace Region

Bethe Goldie's journey in Grande Prairie began in 1975 when she and her husband joined the faculty of Grande Prairie Regional College, with Bethe assuming the role of Physical Education Instructor. Immersed in the city's charm and embraced by its warm-hearted inhabitants, Bethe recalls the overwhelming support they received upon their arrival—a testament to the collaborative spirit ingrained in the region. As they settled into their new home, they raised their two children amidst a community that Bethe describes as enriching their lives with a “wealth of knowledge and skills”.

While Bethe dedicated much of her career to teaching at GPRC, her involvement extended beyond the classroom. She became a staunch advocate for wellness, fitness, and education, serving as both a leader and cheerleader for various groups, clubs, events, and organizations within the community.

Bethe's journey towards community involvement and positive impact was sparked by her upbringing and passion for sports and physical activity. Raised in a family that valued contributing to the community, she internalized the ethos of giving back from an early age. "The skills that I can offer to help others as they have helped me are very important to share," Bethe explains. For her, it's all about the simple yet powerful question, "What can I do to help you?" This philosophy highlights her commitment to leveraging her skills and experiences to uplift others.

Reflecting on her journey, Bethe emphasizes the profound impact of small acts of kindness and involvement. Her innate drive to effect change has been a guiding force throughout her life, propelling her to contribute meaningfully to her community.

Since her arrival in Grande Prairie, Bethe has played a pivotal role in building and nurturing various community initiatives. Her involvement with the Grande Prairie Gymniks Gymnastics Club as the Head Coach played a pivotal role in establishing the club as a cornerstone of youth development in the region. Additionally, Bethe's contributions to the inaugural years of Cygnet Playschool contributed to the growth of early childhood education in Grande Prairie. As her children grew older, Bethe continued to coach them in various sports, instilling in them, and their peers, the values of teamwork and perseverance.

Bethe's leadership extends to her involvement in organizing and chairing numerous large-scale events hosted by Grande Prairie, including the 1980 Alberta Winter Games Artistic Gymnastics, the 1994 Western Canadian Gymnastics Championships, and the 1995 Canada Winter Games Artistic Gymnastics. In addition, she has taken up various roles in 6 national championships hosted by GPRC, particularly in volleyball, as the 2010 Arctic Winter Games Care and Comfort Co-Chair and the 2024 Alberta Winter Games Ambassador.

Throughout the last decade, Bethe has shifted her focus to activities for seniors and older adults, leading initiatives such as "Studio 50 Adults GP" and managing Generations Readers Theatre GP.

Studio 50 Adult is a vibrant community initiative led by Bethe, catering to adults aged 50 and above in Grande Prairie, the County of Grande Prairie, and the MD of Greenview in Alberta. The group aims to create an inclusive space where older adults can engage in a variety of activities and connect with like-minded individuals. Recognizing the importance of social engagement and physical activity for seniors, Studio 50 Adult provides a platform for non-profits and community organizations to share activities tailored to the interests and needs of older adults. From fitness classes to cultural events, the group offers a diverse range of opportunities for members to participate in, fostering cross-generational connections and promoting overall well-being.

Under the umbrella of Studio 50 Adults Grande Prairie is Generations Readers Theatre GP, a volunteer project that brings the joy of storytelling and performance to various community settings. Also led by Bethe, the group organizes engaging presentations for audiences at seniors' lodges, adult day programs, schools, and more. Through their lively and enriching presentations, the group fosters a sense of community and celebrates the power of storytelling across generations.

Moreover, Bethe's longstanding involvement with the Centre for Creative Arts as a board member showcases her commitment to supporting artistic expression and cultural enrichment in Grande Prairie. Additionally, Bethe remains involved in further community building and aid being a member of the Rotary Club for the past three years.

Her multifaceted contributions reflect her commitment and passion to making the Peace Region a vibrant, healthy, and inclusive community for all. Bethe’s genuine kindness, passion, and role as a leader and cheerleader resonate deeply within the community. As one nominator aptly puts it, Bethe embodies the essence of goodness and purity—a testament to the positive energy she brings to every room she enters. It's this remarkable spirit that deserves recognition and celebration.

Reflecting on her own journey, Bethe explains "I've always believed that small acts of kindness and involvement can make a big difference in people's lives. It's about being there for each other and lifting each other up." For aspiring changemakers, Bethe advocates for active involvement and a willingness to share one's skills and abilities to uplift those around them. She encourages individuals to approach challenges with a sense of optimism and a readiness to lend a helping hand.

Bethe shares, "I've seen firsthand the impact that even the smallest gestures of kindness can have on someone's day. It's about making connections and showing compassion in everything we do."

As a Woman of Impact in the 30 Women for 30 Years campaign, Bethe's advice to women resonates deeply. She encourages women to embrace their passions, cultivate a sense of community, and never underestimate the power of their voices and actions. Bethe emphasizes the importance of supporting one another and fostering environments where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute - In Bethe's words, "Together, we can achieve remarkable things. It's about lifting each other up and creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive." As Bethe continues to champion causes close to her heart, her legacy serves as a positive inspiration for generations to come.


Studio 50 Adults GP

Generations Readers Theatre GP


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