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Wendy Whitman Doucet: A Guiding Light in Community Service & Senior Advocacy

Wendy Whitman Doucet: A Guiding Light in Community Service & Senior Advocacy

 In the heart of our community, Wendy Whitman Doucet stands as a tireless advocate and dedicated volunteer for our seniors, exemplifying the essence of compassion and service through her involvement with the Grande Spirit Foundation. Her unwavering commitment goes beyond the ordinary, extending a helping hand to those who paved the way before us. Whether orchestrating fundraisers or ensuring a warm Christmas meal, Wendy's efforts epitomize a spirit of selflessness, leaving an enduring impact on the lives of the seniors she serves. In this brief glimpse, we delve into Wendy's remarkable dedication, a beacon of inspiration for community involvement and heartfelt service.

Wendy's start in community service was inspired by the tireless efforts of those who came before her. Witnessing individuals volunteering to enhance and strengthen the community sparked a deep-seated desire within Wendy to make a positive difference. She shares, "I love our Community, and watching others, many years ago, volunteer to help make our community better and stronger. It greatly inspired me to want to join in to help make a difference."

Wendy’s dedication and compassion has evolved over the years, now becoming a beacon of hope for the senior population. Volunteering with the Seniors in Lodges in Grande Prairie and surrounding communities, Wendy plays a pivotal role in supporting the elderly and contributing to the welfare of her community.

Wendy's commitment to serving seniors was inspired about 16 years ago. Attending a family BBQ at her grandmother's Seniors Lodge, she encountered the original volunteers of the Friends of Foundation. Learning about the urgent need for additional volunteers and funding to update common areas in the lodges, Wendy felt a calling to take action. Since then, she has been a driving force, leading the Friends of the Grande Spirit Foundation group, tirelessly working to raise funds and fulfill the wish lists of residents from each of their Lodges, including Grande Prairie, Sexsmith, Spirit River, Clairmont, Beaverlodge, LaGlace, Rycroft, Eaglesham, and Wembley.

Wendy recognizes that “people go into a Senior's Lodge to live, not to die.” The challenge lies in dispelling the notion that seniors are there to fade away quietly. Wendy emphasizes the importance of socialization and communal activities to combat the loneliness that is the leading struggle for our seniors. 

Wendy dedicates her time to assist seniors who lack support, arranging medical appointments, and ensuring safe transportation to and from these visits. Additionally, as an integral member of the Friends of Grande Spirit Foundation, she actively participates in various fundraising events. These initiatives aim to generate funds for the acquisition of essential items like exercise equipment, garden beds, outdoor patio furniture, benches, glider swings, updated common room furniture, and TVs. The extensive and ongoing list of items plays a vital role in enhancing and modernizing our senior lodges, transforming them into true homes rather than mere housing – a service the government may be unable or unwilling to provide. Wendy's dedicated efforts truly contribute to the well-being and comfort of the seniors in our community.

Through the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Wendy and her team found memorable and rewarding experiences. Recognizing the heightened loneliness during lockdowns, they organized door-to-door deliveries of Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, gifts, cupcakes, and much more. Wendy explains that during this time; “If there was a case of covid in a Lodge, at the beginning, all of the residents had to remain in their rooms until everyone was tested. If that occurred, we made enough little goody bags for each resident of that particular Lodge in lockdown consisting of a few items like crossword books, word find, chocolates, cough drops, tissue, little hand sanitizers and a little note of encouragement I wrote just saying we are thinking of you, you are not forgotten, you are loved and safe, and this too shall pass.” Wendy’s acts of kindness, going above and beyond, continue to resonate with the seniors, reminding them that they are loved and not forgotten.

Wendy's passion for senior care and her ongoing initiatives focus on creating more interaction between seniors and younger generations. In her work towards generating senior awareness, she wants to emphasize the importance of volunteering from an early age.

Wendy explains that her journey of volunteering has been a catalyst for personal growth, providing her with inner peace, accomplishment, confidence, and happiness. Additionally, her actions have influenced others in the community to step up and do more as well. 

Wendy firmly believes that women hold a crucial role in being the change they want to see. By actively participating in community-building and advocacy, women can amplify their voices and bring about positive transformations, “I believe a woman has to be honest and forthcoming, and needs to lead with action and intent to bring about positive change for all those around her.”

Wendy's advice to aspiring women of impact echoes with simplicity and power: "Follow your heart. Look around and see who genuinely needs your help and find a way to do it." She encourages women to be pioneers, reminding them that being the first to initiate change is a courageous and impactful endeavor.

As part of the '30 Women for 30 Years' campaign, Wendy leaves a resounding message for future generations of women: "Never give up. Never let anyone take away your shine or drive. If you fall, get right back up and brush yourself off. Believe in yourself and look into others to learn more about yourself. And remember, you are the master of your destiny so get out in the world, take chances if you need to and truly believe in it and don't ever let anyone shake your confidence. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference and more and more women from all over are rising up and doing just that.” 

Wendy leaves an indelible mark with her empathetic and kind-hearted nature. Going above and beyond to spread kindness, her impact and influence will resonate and continue to benefit lives for years to come.


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