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Why Compression?

Why Compression?

Post-surgical or lymphedema?

You need compression.

In many cases, women are not fully informed about the importance of post breast surgery garments, and their contribution to healing.

These garments aid in reducing swelling and lymphedema and keep surgery sites protected, hygienic, and stable to decrease the chance of painful fluid build-up and scarring.

Prairie Wear is one of our most trusted brands in compression - giving options that will keep you secure and comfortable in all stages of recovery.

For the early stages of healing, we have high compression and coverage in the HuggerPrima which gives daily, 360° compression, in a pocketed, front zip-up style.

In decreasing compression throughout the healing process, we have the HuggerVida. This style will continue to aid in drainage management and compression, but with less coverage and pressure.

We have multiple other post-surgery options in addition to these compression pieces, that are built to make you comfortable.

In addition, at Victoria’s Attic, we have Certified Fitters prepared to fit you in the garment that will work best for your circumstances.To book an appointment or find additional information on Post-Surgery garments, you can book here, or message us on facebook or instagram!