Amoena Leisure Breast Form

Women told us they need a leisure breast form that stays clean and comfortable — so we created one for them. 

Amoena’s Leisure Form is a welcome addition to a woman’s wardrobe of breast form needs. 

The Amoena Leisure Breast Form is a slightly weighted foam form that is ideal for wear: During times of leisure when a full silicone form is not needed* 

To make sleep more comfortable by filling out the pocket of a nightgown and keeping a natural breast in place 

Ultra Comfort in a Fresh Environment 

The washable fabric cover is ultra soft against the skin and can be removed for thorough washing 

Soft Comfort+ fabric is integrated into the back of the cover to absorb, store and release body heat – the innovative temperature-equalising benefit that reduces perspiration for a more comfortable feeling.

Sizes 3-14

Foam Prosthesis: 30% Polyurethane, 70% Barium Sulfate (7727-43-7)
Cover: 51 % Polyamide, 15 % Elastane, 10% Polyester, 24% PCM with Acrylate Binder