• Amoena Natura Light Prosthesis 3S

Amoena Natura Light Prosthesis 3S

  • It's lighter! 
  • A lightweight silicone front layer, with a natural drape, makes the form 30% lighter when compared to similarly shaped, standard silicone breast forms. 
  • Keeps a woman drier with new Comfort+ technology a pearlescent middle layer that features temperature-equalizing material integrated directly into the form that absorbs excess body heat which reduces perspiration behind the form during a rise in body temperature. 
  • Fits snugly and gently to the unique shape of a woman's chest wall. 
  • The soft, flowable gel back layer hugs the body closely and securely and is extra gentle to even the most sensitive scar tissue. 
  • A form that feels like cashmere, Amoena's new super-soft outer film provides the softest look and feel of any breast form without compromising the quality you expect from Amoena