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Antigel Carnet de Voyage Short Cashmere

  • $69.95

Carnet de Voyage short lingerie range by Antigel from Lise Charmel brand.

Original paisley XXL pattern in green hues, from khaki to spring green, with fuchsia, coral or turquoise accents carries you on the far side of the world.

Carnet de Voyage short made of 100% viscose, fluid and soft, inkjet printed with the same pattern as corsetry is without a doubt one of the most inspiring trend of the moment.

Impossible to miss the fluid fabric, easy to maintain, the perfect fit of Carnet de Voyage short.

A plain extra thin and soft fuchsia elastic band, surrounds short sides and energizes the paisley pattern.

Add some peps into your life! 

Dare the new interpretation of paisley print and the energy of positive colors from Carnet de Voyage short.