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Be Confident Racer Back Bra Clip Narrow

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Bra straps showing?

Get them to do a disappearing act with our Racer Back Bra Clip. 

It instantly converts straps into a racerback, stops them sliding, and subtly lifts your bust. 

So you can wear shoulder-revealing styles with total comfort and confidence.

Comes in a pack of 3 - White, Black, Beige.

How to Wear:

Loosen bra straps before putting on your bra.

Reach behind your neck and gently push one strap under the tab, then repeat with the other strap.

Adjust the Hide-A-Strap up or down to your liking.

Alternatively, you can attach the Hide-A-Strap by twisting your bra in front of you, and then push the straps in. Rotate your bra back into place and slip your arms through as normal.