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Simply put, the Contact Comfort+ is extraordinary. You can attach this breast form easily, securely, totally comfortably to your skin –and it moves like a natural breast.

Today, many women tell us they couldn’t imagine wearing anything but the Contact Comfort +.

But what is now a popular option for women — who don’t want reconstructive surgery but still want a way to forget they have had a mastectomy — was once almost unthinkable.

It took the world’s most specialized, and dedicated, breast form scientists, technologists and designers to develop such a breast form.

In other words, it took the combined brilliance of the internationally renowned Amoena team of engineers to create this breast form.

Of course, the Amoena Contact isn’t Amoena’s first or last major technological advance.

As an example, in the early 2000s, Amoena made life better again for women worldwide when it developed the patented Comfort+ technology.

Inspired by NASA, the patented Comfort+ is an extraordinary temperature equalizing technology that Amoena includes in most of its breast forms. And after Amoena was granted the patent in 2004, the Contact breast form was renamed the Contact Comfort +

Only Amoena holds the patent to Comfort+

Here’s how this amazing technology works:

Absorbs body heat: The back of the Amoena breast form has patented Comfort+ phase-change material which is made up of thousands of tiny microcapsules. Think of these as micro sponges that absorb your heat when your body temperature rises and you get hot.

Stores body heat: These microcapsules keep the heat they absorbed inside the breast form.

Releases body heat: When your body temperature drops, the microcapsules releases the stored heat from the breast form back to your body.

This process is continual, keeping you breast form and you at an ideal temperature.

Why are we celebrating the Contact Comfort+ all these years later? Amoena fitters have 7 favourite reasons.

The Contact Comfort+ is sensitive to your body temperature:

As described, the patented Comfort+ technology inside the Contact breast form reacts to the temperature of your skin to keep you comfortable.

It’s the breast form that helps you forget you’ve had a mastectomy

The Contact+ provides allows you to forget you’re wearing a breast form because it looks, feels and moves like it’s a part of you.

Its adhesion is secure, yet so gentle to the skin

It’s a special joy for Amoena fitters to observe women’s surprise when they discover Contact Comfort + adhesion is firm, but the breast form is still easy to adjust and remove.

The Amoena Contact Comfort + has an integrated adhesive surface on the back side. This means the breast form adheres directly to your body. No added adhesive needed.

You can loosen it from your body effortlessly. And there are no traces of adhesive or residue on your skin.

Once removed, the breast form just needs a quick clean to help rejuvenate the adhesive surface.

About four years ago, Amoena used new technology to make the back surface of the Contact breast form –both the adhesive and the contoured ‘pearls’ – even more comfortable.

Rest assured, the Contact Comfort + has been thoroughly tested to ensure it won’t cause irritation.

It actually feels lighter than a normal breast form.

Contact feels lighter because the weight is held against your chest wall so weight is distributed more evenly, like the weight of a real breast.

This is good news for larger-breasted women, and anyone with neck or back problems, or lymphedema.

You can wear your favourite pre-surgery bras.

The Contact stays in place during movement, and won’t fall forward when you bend down or raise your arms in the air.

You’ll be able to wear that bra you loved before surgery, and the tank top, sexy lingerie, and evening dress.

And because Contact is made from a soft silicone which is incredibly realistic to the touch, close physical contact, even a hug, won’t reveal you’re wearing a form.

For optimum security, we recommend that you wear your Contact with a bra. Contact can be worn with any regular bra. And of course, Amoena has a stunning range that are perfect for it, including underwire styles. Contact can also be worn in the pocket of Amoena bras, by placing a breast form cover on the adhesive side, so can be worn two ways!

It’s just so easy to put on

Contact Comfort+ is easy– just prepare your skin using Amoena’s Skin Preparation wipes, lay your breast form in the cup of your bra, press it against your body, and go!

You can wear it all day long, and even at night.

Contact breast forms are designed for long wear — no need to keep it just for special occasions. In fact, the more you wear it and clean it, the better the adhesion will be.

Is the Contact Comfort + right for you?

If you’ve had a mastectomy, you can wear a Contact Comfort+ as long as your scar is healed and your treatments are completed.

But the best way to find out if a Contact Comfort+ is right for you is to chat with your Amoena fitter. Your fitter will know how to make absolutely sure to fit you with the breast form that is right for you – your body, mind and lifestyle.

All Amoena breast forms look and feel like a natural breast, and pass the hug test. And Amoena pocketed lingerie, swimwear, active wear, home and leisure wear are designed to ensure the breast form stays securely in place and snug against your body.

Amoena Canada Inc.

Watch the video here: How to Wear a Contact Form