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Woman running with supportive sports bra

Sports Bras –What You Really Need to Know

We all know that wearing proper workout shoes reduces pain and damage to our bodies. But how many of us know that wearing the proper bra matters just as much?

Sadly, many women remain unaware of why a sports bra is essential for their breasts, back and neck when doing activities. Recently, in the UK, a study was released that shows 68 percent of women don’t even wear a sports bra when exercising.

And among those who do, it’s not all good news. Eight out of 10 women were found wearing either the wrong size sports bra, or an old one that no longer provides adequate support.

Clearly, it’s time to get the word out on why getting fitted with a sports bra is so critical to a woman’s wellbeing.


Protect your breast tissue


Breasts are composed mainly of fatty tissue, mammary glands and muscle. But it’s not muscle that holds up the breast tissue. That job falls to a thin band of fibrous strands called Cooper’s ligaments.

Why care about your Cooper’s ligaments? These ligaments attach to the dense tissue that surrounds chest muscles. And it is these ligaments that provide support to the breasts and maintain their shape. But these ligaments aren’t all that strong.

Without a proper sports bra, the weight of the breast tissue, coupled with breast movement during an activity, will likely cause Cooper’s ligaments to stretch. This can lead not just to discomfort, but to real pain; and permanent damage to the breast tissue. Stretched ligaments, which cause sagging, can’t be reversed.

Have you heard of Jogger’s breast? If you read runner’s magazines, you may have come across the term, “jogger’s breast”. You don’t need to jog to suffer from it!

Essentially, jogger’s breast is the term for the pain (and stretched ligaments) that can happen when you aren’t wearing the right bra and, as a result, your breasts are continuously moving up and down (bouncing) and from side to side during an activity.

But what if I’m small breasted? Breasts of all sizes require support. Cup size has nothing to do with body mechanics. Even women with small size breasts are at risk of pain and stretched ligaments if they don’t have the proper bra to give them support.


Protect your back and neck


If your bra is not giving you the right support, you can easily put strain on your neck, upper back, and your lower back.

What if I’ve had a mastectomy or lumpectomy? It is vital that you have the proper balance to avoid pain and strain too.

Your Amoena fitter will fit you with the ideal breast form or balancer for you so you will not only look great, but feel great thanks to proper spinal alignment. And all Amoena wear, including lingerie and sports bras, are pocketed to accommodate forms of any size and shape.

Amoena Sports Bras — You’ll instantly feel the difference expertise makes

Amoena is the acclaimed world leader in expertise when it comes to understanding exactly how breasts move in every type of activity and the effect of breast tissue weight and balance on our body and wellbeing.

Every Amoena item is based on this expertise –and that goes for its sports bras too. These are so intelligently designed that you’ll immediately feel the difference when you exercise.

Think of your Amoena Fitter as your Personal Sports Bra Coach

Let us know what kinds of activities you like to do, and we’ll match your unique breast needs with the optimal bra for you.

If you have had breast cancer surgery, we’ll also make sure you are fitted with the proper forms or balancers for your lifestyle.

We bring our expertise in breast care to Team “You”

We’ll ask you about the type of exercise you like to do. For example, hiking, tennis, cycling, walking, even yoga and Pilates all have a certain intensity of movement that we take into account when fitting you.

If you do such sports as running or cross-fit, you’ll need a different type of support, given the impact of the movement involved for these activities.

Examples of a few very special features of the Amoena sports bra

Amoena adds in so many different touches for optimal fit and comfort, that we couldn’t possible list them all. But here are just some of the features you can expect from Amoena.

Adjustable shoulder straps

All bras are pocketed for easy insertion of breast forms or balance partials. All pocketed cups in all Amoena wear keep breast forms securely in place for assured discretion and confidence, with every activity. No one will ever know you are wearing a form (unless you tell them).

The cups are superbly constructed, sides are reinforced, and the bottom band support is the best there is.

Comfort, comfort and more comfort. Soft top-quality materials ensure there’s no rubbing against the skin.

All sports bras are breathable with superior properties to manage perspiration.

Amoena also offers a sports top with an integrated shelf bra, pocketed to hold your breast form or shaper if you need one. This is a great addition to your workout wear collection.