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Malissa Veroni: A Symbol of Resilience, Empathy, and Global Impact

Malissa Veroni: A Symbol of Resilience, Empathy, and Global Impact

Malissa is a dedicated social worker with over a decade of experience in addressing mental health issues, specializing in abuse, within our community. Despite the added challenges and stress brought on by the aftermath of COVID, she remains steadfast in her commitment to creating a supportive environment for individuals to effectively manage their mental health.

With a passion for empowering young girls aged 10-14, Malissa has developed impactful programs focused on promoting self-esteem. Her dedication extends beyond our community, as she recently represented Grande Prairie as a keynote speaker at the national girls summit in Sierra Leone. Taking on the responsibility of managing all associated costs, Malissa's altruistic spirit shines through as she actively contributes to causes related to basic human rights and women's rights.

Malissa's advocacy for mental health awareness took her to the Ms World Universal pageant, where she not only competed with distinction, earning a title and securing the second runner-up position, but also used the platform to promote crucial conversations around mental health.

Recognizing the challenges faced by newcomers and minorities in Grande Prairie, Malissa extends her generosity by providing support and a welcoming atmosphere. Drawing from her own experiences as a newcomer, she actively contributes to creating a sense of belonging and community for those struggling in a new environment.

For the past 11 years, Malissa Veroni has gracefully embraced the Peace Region, transforming it into a place she is grateful to call home—a sentiment she never anticipated but cherishes deeply.

Inspired by her Papa's dedicated service to the community, Malissa's journey into community involvement and positive impact reflects her commitment to service. Having experienced the isolating effects of moving to a new community, she found purpose in volunteering with organizations such as the John Howard Society. Her belief in making the world better fuels her passion for helping others live their best lives.

Malissa's contributions span various impactful roles, including positions at Alberta Health Services, University of Regina, Mental Wellness Matters Society, and international endeavors with organizations like the Council of Social Work Education (United States), Ms. World Universal Productions, and the Girls Advocacy Development Network (Sierra Leone). She actively mentors social workers and students globally, embodying her commitment to fostering positive change on a global scale.

Motivated by personal experiences of pain, abuse, loneliness, and fear, Malissa actively contributes to minimizing their impact on others. Her personal journey serves as a driving force, motivating her to make a positive difference and alleviate the hardships faced by those undergoing similar challenges.

Throughout her journey, Malissa has faced and overcome numerous challenges and adversities, relying on her determination and the belief that both she and others deserve better. Refusing to give up, she continues to inspire others with her resilience.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her community involvement is the heartwarming encounters with former clients around the community. Malissa feels blessed to hear how her assistance positively impacted their lives, reinforcing the profound difference she makes in the community.

Malissa's influence extends beyond direct interactions, witnessing individuals achieve their goals and succeed in healing from trauma, improving connections, or starting businesses. Knowing that she played a small role in their journey brings her immense joy.

For women aspiring to make a difference in their communities, Malissa emphasizes the importance of recognizing their ability and power to effect positive change. Starting small, being consistent, and never giving up are key pieces of advice she imparts.

In Malissa's view, women's active involvement in community-building and advocacy is crucial for fostering diverse perspectives, promoting inclusivity, and addressing the unique needs of community members. Their valuable insights, empathy, and collaborative approaches contribute to more holistic and effective solutions, creating a more equitable and vibrant community.

Currently, Malissa is passionately dedicated to enhancing service to her local, national, and international communities through upcoming programs, webinars, and a book. Her excitement about the positive impact these endeavors can have reflects her commitment to ensuring everyone experiences a sense of well-being.

The most important quality a woman can possess to make a meaningful impact, according to Malissa, is empathy. This quality enables understanding of diverse needs and experiences, fostering connection, collaboration, and effective advocacy for positive change.

As part of the '30 Women for 30 Years' campaign, Malissa Veroni's message and legacy revolve around resilience, empowerment, and unity, “My legacy would be one that encourages future generations of women to embrace their unique strengths, overcome challenges with grace, and uplift each other in solidarity. I hope to inspire a legacy where women continue to break barriers, amplify their voices, and shape a world where equality and compassion thrive.”


Thank you Malissa for your gracious service to our community & surrounding areas, your legacy will be an positive influence for years to come. 



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