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Thomasina Bosch: Igniting Flames of Empowerment and Connection in Grande Prairie

Thomasina Bosch: Igniting Flames of Empowerment and Connection in Grande Prairie

Thomasina is an extraordinary woman with a diverse range of talents and a wholehearted commitment to everything she does. She excels as a photographer, mother, wife, friend, nurse, animal lover, and leader, embodying a true beacon of light in each role.

Her photography business has blossomed into a thriving company, and beyond professional success, she has pioneered Women's Retreats, providing spaces for women to connect and discover their true selves. Thomasina generously shares her expertise through women's photography content days, supporting others in the field.

Our community is fortunate to have Thomasina, and anyone who crosses paths with her will attest to the positive impact she brings. In celebrating her, we recognize a remarkable individual whose resilience, empathy, and influence extend beyond her various roles.

Grande Prairie has been the canvas for the life's masterpiece of Thomasina Bosch. Originally from Newfoundland, Thomasina has called Grande Prairie home for the majority of the last two decades. Her connection with the community grew deep roots as she started a family and built a successful career.

"Grande Prairie has become my true home. My husband and I fell in love with the sense of community and the opportunities for future growth," shares Thomasina, emphasizing the profound impact Grande Prairie has had on her life.

Thomasina's journey into community involvement and making a positive impact began with a passion for the vulnerable. "For as long as I can remember, there was always a whisper within that screamed to use my voice for the vulnerable," she reflects. As the Fundraiser Coordinator for Bandaged Paws, Thomasina played a vital role in rescuing and fostering abused animals, an experience that changed her profoundly.

"Being a nurse and a mother amplified the whisper within me. I wanted to connect with like-minded women and help them find their inner fire," Thomasina recounts. A pivotal moment in her community engagement was the creation of a women's retreat in Jasper, Alberta, focused on letting go, connecting, and expanding.

Thomasina's photography business became a platform for fostering collaboration and community. "It's always been community over competition for me. I believe we can learn so much from one another," she affirms. Through Content Days, Thomasina provided a safe space for vendors and artists to collaborate, further strengthening the community bonds.

Challenges, including struggles with infertility and business burnout, became stepping stones for Thomasina's personal growth. "My husband and I have always struggled with infertility. Our daughter, conceived by IVF, was a beacon of hope," she shares. Her openness about these challenges resonated with the community, creating a supportive network that uplifted her during difficult times.

"A friend and I created a women's retreat to Let Go, Connect, and Expand. We wanted to help women find their inner fire," Thomasina recalls. Her dedication to empowering women extends beyond grand initiatives to everyday moments of impact, whether comforting patients and their families or responding to emergencies.

"Women are the ones who will always lift you up. We celebrate the small wins and the big ones, too. I believe women have the natural sense to want to help and create safe and healthy environments," Thomasina emphasizes when discussing the importance of women in community-building and advocacy.

Currently, Thomasina is passionate about launching mentorship packages for her photography business. "I love meeting new creators, but I love helping other people tap into their mindset. We're all capable; we just need to find our confidence and focus," she states.

Her journey, shaped by her mother's resilience and determination, serves as an inspiration. "My mother is a powerhouse and a forever dreamer. At 61, she's going back to school again. She raised me on her own, worked through childhood trauma, and obtained her master's in counseling," Thomasina shares. Her mother's story echoes in Thomasina's pursuit of her own aspirations.

As part of the '30 Women for 30 Years' campaign, Thomasina Bosch's message to future generations of women is one of empowerment and self-worth. "I want women to know that they're capable of everything and anything. I want them to know they are worthy: worthy of healing, worthy of learning, and worthy of growing," Thomasina Bosch is a representation of empowerment, leaving behind a legacy of resilience, support, and the unwavering belief in the potential of every woman.

We are proud to have Thomasina as an influence in our region and are excited to see what is next for her.

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