Prairie Wear

Prairie HuggerPRIMA Wire-Free Nude

High to Medium Compression & Coverage

Made especially for/Who will love it? 

Post-Surgical / Lymphedema / Every Day

Our HuggerPRIMA is made especially for:

  • those looking for full compression, coverage & security – compression with circulation
  • post-surgical patients and lymphedema patients who may need to add prosthetics, padding, pressure pads, or ice
  • larger cup-size women who love high impact exercise, running or yoga or active, nursing moms
  • women undergoing chemotherapy that need to allow easy port access and straps that don’t irritate the port area.
  • post-surgical patients (all bodies/all genders) who need full compression and coverage – the modesty pads can easily be removed.
  • those wanting more every day security, support & comfort 

Key HuggerPRIMA Features:

  • Targeted, mapped 360 compression
  • Full axilla & body coverage
  • Breast/Body pockets
  • Easy on/off - Adjustable straps w/2 g-hooks
  • Comfortable, breathable, easy 24/7 wear & care